Information Is Power

Protect your baby from a flawed system!

Only by informing prospective parents we can eradicate routine infant male circumcision from US hospitals.

If you are expecting a boy, please cross NO to Circumcision in the birth plan and remind all nurses that you did not request it!

Circumcision is a traumatic and painful surgery that removes erogenous tissue and permanently alters the function of the male organ. And, there are NO medical reasons for doing it!

In the United States, more than 50% of baby boys are circumcised for non-therapeutic reasons within 2 days after birth. The main reason is cultural but there are also lots of misconceptions around the anatomy and function of the male foreskin.

There is no justification for continuing to perpetuate this procedure. Medical studies claiming any "benefits" are mostly biased. Even if they had some merit, there is NO justification whatsoever for inflicting so much horror onto a newborn baby.

Risks are often underestimated and long-term side effects are NEVER mentioned by hospitals. Most devices used for the procedure are made in China and often fail to work correctly (personal communication from a nurse who assists infant circumcisions).

The American Academy of Pediatrics is biased and their report that benefits outweigh the risks is based on flawed studies performed in Africa. The AAP has been harshly critisized by European counterparts and by American ethicists and pediatricians.

What the AAP canNOT do is make us shut up! The United States is the ONLY western country that performs and promotes male circumcision worldwide. Circumcision is unhealthy and leads to a higher rate of erectile dysfunction later in life. Babies can die from circumcision! A lot of adult men circumcised at birth are angry and are speaking out! Circumcision is genital mutilation. Both, men and women have the right to grow up wiht an intact body.

Male circumcision of children has been recently categorzied by the Council of Europe as a form of violation of children's physical integrity (the report can be found here).

It's time to speak up! Spread the word! Information Is Power!

Please, forward this website to prospective parents to STOP INFANT MALE CIRCUMCISION.


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