Travelling in Sverige

8th May 2004 - 19th May 2004

Thank you very much for your interest in viewing my shots from Sweden. The first 5 days were spent at a converence in Karoliska Institutet "Understanding Protein Stability". During the conference and afterwards I took many pictures of Stockholm and the surrounding. As I shot over 200 photographs, I had to make a selection of around 140 which you can enjoy here. For the people who have a slow internet connection or are simply impatient I did another selection of the selection consisting of only 29 pictures, which you can find at the bottom of the table. It was an interesting and wonderfull time in Sweden!
Please send me any mistakes!

May 8th

Stockholm: Sergels Torg - Drottninggatan - Gamla Stan

May 9th to May 13th

Stockholm: Vasa museet - Going out - Gamla Stan - Boat trip

May 14th

Stockholm: Gamla Stan - Stadshuset

May 15th

Stockholm: Drottningholm - Some evening pictures

May 16th

Stockholm: Gamla stan - different museums and views - Skansen

May 17th

Skokloster - Sigtuna

May 18th


May 19th

The last day in Stockholm


The best 29 pictures

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